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I am tormented. In the literal sense not in the exaggerated overused type. My heart breaks for those weeping and wailing out for someone to hear their cries. It has been medically documented. My blood pressure and pulse rise as … Continue reading

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Kary Barth on Hiking

In his book “Long Wandering Prayer” David Hansen describes how he learned to pray while “wandering” on long walks. As he says: “Long wandering prayer happens on the inside like it happens on the outside. It is mental wandering in … Continue reading

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John of Ruysbroeck on Union

“If every earthly pleasure were melted into a single experience and bestowed upon one man it would be as nothing when measured by the joy of which I write ; for here it is God who passes into the depths … Continue reading

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When You Have Loved, You Shall Be Chaste

A Poem by Clare of Assisi When You have loved, You shall be chaste; when You have touched, You shall become pure; when You have accepted, You shall be a virgin. Whose power is stronger, Whose generosity is more abundant, … Continue reading

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