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His Love and our Love

“I’ve been thinking about love being defined as God’s love for us rather than our love for God. I’ve also been thinking about wanting to be in the middle of things when revival hits and what that looks like for … Continue reading

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Grace and Works

“From the beginning to the end of Scripture, the one voice of inspiration consistently maintains, not a uniform contrast between faith and obedience, but this one doctrine, that the only way of salvation open to us is the surrender of … Continue reading

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The Comforter

  Alone with Thee when others have forsaken, And nought is left save solitude to me, My weary heart turns throbbing with emotion, To find itself at last alone with Thee. Alone, dear Lord, ah, yes! Alone with Thee! My … Continue reading

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Heavy Duty

“To understand that we have souls, is to feel our separation from things visible, our independence of them, our distinct existence in ourselves, our individuality, our power of acting for ourselves this way or that, our accountableness for what we … Continue reading

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