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Stuck in Chapter 21

…and hearing from God!  Love the chapter, argue with it.  Burning love.  Have had it, long for it, achingly miss it in the cool seasons of my heart.  I’m sensing a new dimension to the indwelling Spirit.  I’ve always agreed … Continue reading

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Wrestling with Ch. 7

Each time I read this chapter i have a different reaction to it. First time I was ready to tear it out of the book & burn it! Then I found some areas of agreement with it. Now I’m just … Continue reading

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Catching up

Very much enjoying this book! Usually there will be a jewel hidden in each chapter that I find by reading over & over. From 4, Expect Failure, the very title is a gem. So often contemplation can seem like a … Continue reading

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Lessons from my grandchildren: thoughts on week two

Concerning the section of ch.2 that speaks of becoming conformed to the Divine will, Molinos states that if one would have everything “come to pass according to your own will, then you will never know the way of peace.” I’ve … Continue reading

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Consuming fire

I’m a fairly timid person, yet I don’t feel particularly attracted to “safe” Christianity.  I certainly don’t want to pick a fight with John Wimber or Mark Petterson, both of whom I admire greatly, but the words “main and plain” … Continue reading

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