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This is a deep and important chapter. I can see myself in this chapter; because I have found the same battle in myself: true versus false inwardness. I’m naturally an inward person, so silence and solitude is easier for me … Continue reading

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This week Molinos shows us the relationship between failure, humility and obedience. God allows us to fail in order to make us humble and dependent on Him. He also wants us to be obedient because that too keeps us humble. … Continue reading

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Week 17/Chapter 17

This is an excellent chapter. Molinos this week teaches us that if we add “all silence” to resignation, mortification and recollection we will be able to hear God internally. “All silence” comprises the 3 kinds of silence: a silence of words, … Continue reading

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Week 16/Chapter 16

Molinos tells us this week that spiritual directors who insist that in every prayer time we are required to think about Jesus and his sacrifice are wrong. Yes, he says, we must believe that Jesus died for  us, and realize … Continue reading

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