Week 16/Chapter 16

Molinos tells us this week that spiritual directors who insist that in every prayer time we are required to think about Jesus and his sacrifice are wrong.

Yes, he says, we must believe that Jesus died forĀ  us, and realize that his atonement makes a way for us to approach the Father, but we don’t have to meditate on his passion every time we pray. This, he says, is external prayer.

When we find it tedious to hold to our routine of “quiet time” we should allow God to move us to a warm internal love for Him that is beyond thought. We will then find that time with God is once more profitable.

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  1. rodgerescu says:

    Molinos finally seems open to the idea of outward prayer in this chapter, saying that if it is nourishing a person, that person should do it, and that whatever is done in prayer is well done if it is done for the sake of Christ.

  2. BTarr says:

    Good word Joe.

    I must admit that as much as I have been irritated by Evangelical unbalanced teaching they really do have a lot of good things. The monastic path would be improved by adding Protestant truths just as much as Evangelical methods would be improved by adding monastic truths.
    Somebody once told me that if a person builds a bridge that it will get walked on from both sides of the river.

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