Week 22/Chapter 22

This week Molinos tells us about true humility. “Two things must be discovered: the greatness of God and the vastness of the devastation of the fall as pertaining to your own soul”. True humility is “simply knowledge: an understanding of what the self nature really is!”

He contrasts this with false humility: “False humility belongs to those who avoid esteems and who avoid all honor so that they may be taken as being humble. They go out of their way to speak often of just how evil they are. They do this so  that they may be thought of as good.”

The knowledge of self leads to true  humility. “The truly humble are convinced of their faults with calm shame”.  It is an internal knowledge which “abides inwardly in the quiet of a man’s heart. It abides there and rests there.”

Paradoxically, true humility leads to moral victory. Realizing how evil our lower nature is allows us to live in the victory of the resurrection. “Sin shall not have dominion over you” says Paul.  He knew by experience that “in me, that is, in my flesh, dwells no good thing”.

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