Week 23/Chapter 23

The believer who finds inward solitude finds God.

“For the believer who  comes this far there is the discovery that the Lord converses and communicates with him in his inward parts. it is that place that the Lord fills the believer with Himself…but fills him only because the person is empty; He clothes him with light and love because he is naked, lifts him up because he is lowly, and unites him with God and transforms him, because he is alone.

Molinos gives us a secret for obtaining inward solitude: “if you desire any good, however spiritual it may be, let it be desired in such a manner that you be not disquieted if it not granted you”  That is, continue in prayer, not agreeing with the greedy voices you can hear within you. Those voices are not really you, and they don’t disqualify you from reaching the inner throne.

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