Chapter 24/Week 24

Molinos this week is giving insight into advanced contemplation. For those of us who are just entering these realms we can take his insight as instruction for our intentions.

He teaches that there is an inner secret place. A center. Where the Lord sits and reigns. This “supreme region” as he calls it is “the place where God delights to abide, where He manifests Himself to the one He created. He gives Himself in a way that transcends both the senses and all human understanding.

Assuming that the above idea is true, then it makes sense when Molinos teaches the method to get there: complete detachment, resignation and surrender.

Therefore: “As you come before the Lord there has to be a renunciation of all that is not God. You must come seeking no other interest upon this earth, neither some interest outside of you nor some personal interest within you. There is but one thing of interest with which you come before the Lord: His divine will. There must be within your prayer to God a pure, total, and absolute resignation of yourself to the hands of God–a perfect submission to His holy will. Come…busy yourself only to His pleasure. Come…interested only in His desire. Come…waiting with perfect submission, to receive whatever He has ordained.”

This detachement, resignation and surrender to His will includes both the inner gifts that He give us and the outward life that He has ordained for us.

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