Week 25/Chapter 25

This week Molinos touches again on the final stage of the monastic journey: union.

To get to union a person must move from an outward encounter of God to an inward communion with God. Molinos describes 3 stages in the inward journey:

1. An exchange of “worldly things” for inward silence.

2. “Inebriation” and intoxicating pleasure that is found in the inward silence.

3. The security and trust that comes with a final surrender of self will to God’s will.

Remember, other monasic writers expand on this list and show the individual variation that occurs from person to person. (See “Visitations from God  are not necceary for union”, [ http://newdaymonks.com/wiki/index.php?visitations%20from%20God%20are%20not%20necessary%20for%20union]), so don’t think of this as a rigid sequence or universal formula.

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