Stuck in Chapter 21

…and hearing from God!  Love the chapter, argue with it.  Burning love.  Have had it, long for it, achingly miss it in the cool seasons of my heart.  I’m sensing a new dimension to the indwelling Spirit.  I’ve always agreed that He dwells within me, but somehow have  visualized Him in the room with me, on the chair opposite, in the passenger seat, walking beside me.  Now I’m startled at the thought that He is within me!  How is this new?  How is this news?  There is a dimension never before experienced; things don’t get as far within me as before.  Can this endure?  Molinos says “In seasons of desolation or in seasons of temptation, I would urge you to always learn to withdraw into the inmost chamber of your spirit.  There, do nothing but behold God.”  This encourages me. Maybe I’ve stumbled upon that path.

Then I lose it!  I see myself as a wooden pencil that must be ground into a point.  When it becomes dull it must submit to new grinding, painful paring, to become useful once again. So I must endure desolation and temptation to again find the path.

Then once again that inward call of the Spirit wells up within me and burning love reassures me that all will be well.

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