Chapter 27/Week 27

“There are four signs by which you may know the inner man:”

1. The will is so trained that it engages in no act of love other than that which is toward God or pertaining to God and His purpose.

2. When outward tasks are completed, the thoughts and will of the believer are quickly turned towards God.

3. If the believer enters into prayer, all other things are forgotten as if they had never been seen or known.

4. Whereas the believer once feared the world, now he even fears the outward things of his own nature to the same degree he once feared the world. He shuns, therefore, not only the world, but outward things–except in those cases where charity requires outward performance.

Remember, “the inner man” is “the spiritual man”, and the “outer man” is “the carnal man”. Therefore, even extroverted, social and active Christians are living out of their inner man if their will and motives are for God.

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