Chapter 30

The man or woman who would attain to that deeper walk with their Lord must abandon and be detached from these four things:

1. Creatures

2 Temporal things

3. The very gifts of the Holy Spirit

4. Self

Now, we need to remind ourselves, and those we are teaching, that “abandonment” and “detachement” in spiritual writing does not refer to an absence of experience. So, Molinos is not teaching that the attainment of a deeper walk with Jesus can only occur in the person who withdraws from, and does not experience, “creatures”, “temporal things”, “The gifts of the Holy Spirit” and “self”.

Abandonment and detachment refer the process in which we desire God more than creatures, temporal things, gifts of the Holy Spirit and self. We want God’s will done in our lives more than we want our will done in our lives.

This is more than intention and lip service however. It is, as he says, accomplished in the fire of inward pain.

No, we don’t look for pain. It means we accept the pain and the dissapointments that come to us. At least those that we did not completley cause.

It means that the trials we suffer, the failures and limitations we experience, the disapointments, the twists and turns in our lives, are ordained. As we trust God that “He works all things for good” in the midst of the firey pain we find God.

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