Chapter 31

“Why do so many believers hinder the Lord’s deeper work within their lives? It is because they wish to achieve something, because they have a desire to be great. For this reason you find many believers attaching themselves to the gifts of the Spirit so that they come out not from that central portion of their being where they themselves are nothing; thus the whole work of the Lord is spoiled. They do not seek the Lord; therefore they do not find Him. We find Him only where He is all and where we are nothing.”

“When one knows that he is nothing, then there is nothing that can disquiet him. He who knows he is nothing is incapable of receiving grievance or injury from anyone. Such a believer does not look on the faults of another, but only on his own; he frees himself from all his countless imperfections. As long as we see ourselves as nothing, the Lord can continue to work in us, depositing His image and likeness within our inward being.”


Now, obviously Molinos put forth effort and worked for God. After all, we are reading his book. But it’s true, is it not, that “we should not think of ourselves more highly than we ought”? That verse goes on to say “but according to the measure of faith we have been given”. So, yes, we are nothing. That is, outside of Christ we are nothing. On our own we are nothing. But, in Him, in Christ, within the allotted measure of faith, we are something.

The humbling of failure, the trial of closed doors, the opposition of God Himself that thwarts our efforts; these purify us from selfish ambition. As we release our “vain glory” and really reduce ourselves to “worthless servants” then we find ourselves used by God; and we rejoice in it.



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