Week 13

These weekly posts show the Triad teachings. Starting at week 1 and progressing through the weeks will help you see the logic of the series.

Inner Healing

We are looking at the biblical concept of “blindness”. This concept is superior to the secular concept of the “subconscious” since “blindness” reveals the source of the problem as well as the solution. Sin and Satan are the problem. Illumination and Jesus are the answer.

“Blindness” is a spiritual condition that entered the world as the “darkness” that came on all men at the fall of Adam in the Garden of Eden.

That is, when Satan became the “god of this world” the “eyes of man were darkened by the sin within them”. Thus men are blinded by sin and Satan. Their eyes must be “opened” by God.

Although some “enlightenment” occurs at conversion a great deal of further enlightenment must be pursued and developed by the believer. Thus, in Revelation, Jesus councils believers to “buy of me gold tried in the fire, that you may be rich; and white raiment, that you may be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness does not appear; and anoint your eyes with eyesalve, that you may see.”

The eyesalve that is needed for Christians who are stuck in sin is often found in the experience of “Inner Healing”. That is, when a person cannot defeat a habitual sin through contrition and repentance alone, it usually means that the person is “blind” to an inner wound. This person needs inner healing.

Inner Healing is a large topic. We will introduce it by first defining “inner”.

By inner we refer to the non-physical parts of us. Whether we call this soul or spirit is for the moment not the issue. We just mean different from the body. Therefore, inner healing will be different than gall bladder surgery or than treating diabetes with insulin. Emotional realms qualify as inner, but inner is much more than emotions. A list of inner arenas would include: thought, emotions, volition (the will), motivation, moral choices, etc. Often the term “inner” carries with it the concept of depth. Thus some of the non-physical realms listed above are “deeper” than others. Like when someone says that a person is now speaking from the “heart”. They mean in a more honest fashion that normally is not accessed in conversation. Or, again, when we say that God spoke to us “deep in our spirit” we mean in a part of us that is normally more private and guarded than some other level of our “inner world”. For the moment all the above are defined as “inner” and all of them are the subject matter of “inner healing”.

Please understand that the “old man” (the carnal and sinful part of us that, prior to conversion, dominated our person; and which is still present in the born again person) also has motives, thoughts, feelings, etc. These are non-material and thus “inner” for our purposes.

In sum, any part of us that is non-physical, whether it is new or old, spiritual or carnal is referred to in this paper as “inner” and thus a part of the concept of inner healing.

Next week we will define “healing” as it is used in the concept of inner healing.



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