Week 15

These weekly posts show the Triad teachings. Starting at week 1 and progressing through the weeks will help you see the logic of the series.

Spiritual Strongholds

A spiritual stronghold will be defined as an inner state that produces a persistent sin or sin tendency that cannot be removed by mere repentance. Imagine a hot air balloon tied down by 4 ropes. If you cut one rope the balloon will rise a little, but still not be able to soar. If you cut 2 ropes it will go yet a little higher. But even one rope can hold down the balloon from complete freedom. As we will see, many people try to bring deliverance from a stronghold, or bring inner healing, by addressing only 1 or 2 ties to a stronghold. So, here is our first declaration about strongholds: they all rest on 4 foundations. The four foundations are: 1). A wound, 2). A lie about the wound, 3). A sinful response(s) to the wound and the lie about the wound, 4). Unbelief about God’s view of the first 3 foundations. All 4 of these foundations must be addressed to accomplish inner healing.

It is useful to think of a stronghold as an inner state formed over time by the person and by demonic forces. These are the parts of us that provide places of safety from pain. They are places we “go’ to cope and respond. They include inner thought patterns as well as behavioral (often sinful) responses to life challenges. However, it is important to realize that these are a spiritual part of us. Strongholds are more than habits. More than psychological refuges. More than imagination. They are spiritual formations in us where we can retreat for safety. A stronghold functions also to protect the demonic forces in our lives. Later we will look at the demonic realm in detail. This will include “generational spirits”, principalities, powers, and the satanic kingdom.

OK. Let’s look at the first of the 4 foundations: wounds.


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