These weekly posts show the Triad teachings. Starting at week 1 and progressing through the weeks will help you see the logic of the series.

THE LIE. Foundation #2

The second foundation to every stronghold is “the lie”. The lie about the wound is worse than the wound itself. There are countless examples of children who have suffered one form of trauma or another who then were lied to about why it occurred. This is a direct demonic attack. Sometimes the agent is a human, perhaps one of the parents, but many times it is a direct spiritual thought that grows into a firm conviction. Usually the person ends up feeling responsible for the wounding. Nearly all children whose parents divorce believe that it is their fault their parents are splitting up. I have seen one woman who resented her father because he died. She felt abandoned by him. Now as a rational adult she knew that she was being unreasonable, yet the feeling of abandonment was a dominant stronghold in her life. Why? Because she had received a lie that her father had abandoned her. Thus, the trauma of his death was compounded and magnified by the lie that gave (false) meaning to the event.

A lie is a deception of the enemy. These “interpretations” of our life events subject us to the power of the lying spirit as we accept them. As with wounds there is an element of victimization involved here. A child is not well equipped to detect and reject a lie of the devil. Without the operation of the Holy Spirit in the person’s life or in the parents’ life then twisted thinking is likely to result. The lie however has more elements of responsibility in it than the wound itself has. There is something about the perversity of the human nature that predisposes it to believe a lie about a wound rather than to believe the truth. Just like love and forgiveness are unnatural compared with hate and revenge, so it is that an understanding of our pain is usually false and distorted.

Let me give you another example from my past. When I was still very young I started to feel unloved. My dad even began to call me “reject the robot”. This belief on my part that I was unloved was really not grounded in gross neglect or abuse. As mentioned above, I had a relatively stable upbringing. However, my father was so committed to his career that he did not spend much time with us children. The normal nightly routine was that as soon as my dad arrived home he would embark on one of two paths: either work around the house or have a couple of drinks and watch television. Weekends were similar. There was not much “bonding” activity or shared activities. Little if any communication or sharing of inner thoughts and experiences. Additionally, my mother, who had actual abuse and abandonment in her childhood (her parents divorced early and she had several step fathers; one of whom did emotionally and sexually abuse her) carried with her a strong sense of rejection. Between her rejection spirit and my father’s passive neglect I ended up at an early age feeling rejected and unloved. The lie that I received was that my father did not love me.

Let’s just use a generic example: Imagine an 11 year old girl whose parents get a divorce. This would be a wound to the girl. But, imagine that the girl came to believe that (somehow, not reasonably) she was responsible for the divorce. For example, let’s say that when her parents fought the girl used to be a subject of conflict. When this girl believes the lie then another “foundation” of a spiritual stronghold is formed. Pain becomes guilt.

Next week we will use this imaginary example to look at the third foundation of a spiritual stronghold: sin behavior in response to the wound and the lie.

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