Week 34

These weekly posts show the Triad teachings. Starting at week 1 and progressing through the weeks will help you see the logic of the series.

Continue with God

Now, let’s condense what we  have learned into an easily remembered system: total surrender; (some people will call this “total consecration”, or “complete abandonment”). No matter what you call it, the essence of sanctification is a total trust in God that allows one to surrender to His will. That is, we give ourselves totally to God, for His purpose and will for us. Then we exercise faith to believe He has accepted the offering of our self.

Here is a quote from Hannah Whitall Smith’s book “The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life”which illuminates these 2 acts: total surrender, and faith in God that He accepts our surrender:

First, I would say that this blessed life must not be looked upon in any sense as an attainment but as an obtainment. We cannot earn it, we cannot climb up to it, we cannot win it; we can do nothing but ask for it and receive it. It is the gift of God in Christ Jesus. And where a thing is a gift, the only course left for the receiver is to take it and thank the giver. We never say of a gift, “See to what I have attained,” and boast of our skill and wisdom in having attained it; but we say, “See what has been given me,” and boast of the love and wealth and generosity of the giver. And everything in our salvation is a gift. From beginning to end, God is the giver and we are the receivers; and it is not to those who do great things, but to those who “receive abundance of grace, and of the gift of righteousness,” that the richest promises are made.
In order, therefore, to enter into a realized experience of this interior life, the soul must be in a receptive attitude, fully recognizing the fact that it is to be God’s gift in Christ Jesus, and that it cannot be gained by any efforts or works of our own. This will simplify the matter exceedingly; and the only thing left to be considered then will be to discover upon whom God bestows this gift, and how they are to receive it. And to this I would answer in short, that He bestows it only upon the fully consecrated soul, and that it is to be received by faith.
Consecration is the first thing. Not in any legal sense, not in order to purchase or deserve the blessing, but to remove the difficulties out of the way and make it possible for God to bestow it. In order for a lump of clay to be made into a beautiful vessel, it must be entirely abandoned to the potter, and must lie passive in his hands. And in order for a soul to be made into a vessel unto God’s honor, “sanctified and meet for the Master’s use, and prepared unto every good work,” it must be entirely abandoned to Him, and must lie passive in His hands.

So, once and for all, we give ourselves wholly to God. We tell Him that He can have all. We surrender all. Now we must believe He has heard us and has accepted our surrender:

Secondly, I know some will say here, “Ah, yes; but if He would only speak to me, and say that He took me when I gave myself to Him, I would have no trouble then in believing it.” No, of course you would not; but He does not generally say this until the soul has first proved its loyalty by believing what He has already said. It is he that believeth who has the witness, not he that doubteth.”

Once this act of consecration is made, and once we believe He has accepted it, then we exercise patience as we walk it out.

If we do these steps and continue with God we will be changed in this life and rewarded in the next.

Continue with God. Abide in Christ.





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