Monkipedia is a wiki type encyclopedia that introduces the reader to key words in the monastic system.

The key words are linked to allow browsing through a set of related concepts.

Important evangelical terms are also introduced since the monastic tradition and the charismatic evangelical traditions surprisingly share a great deal of experience and thought. For example, a Catholic mystic may experience the presence of God in ways that transforms him/her and allow them to live spiritually.  But, likewise, a person can “receive Jesus Christ” and “have a personal relationship” through an adult conversion experience and arrive at the same transformed life.

It is the belief of the ‘New Day Monks’ that it is time to go beyond the narrow and restrictive divisions that have wounded the body of Christ. We need to find the good and the true in every branch of Christianity and work together to follow Jesus.

So, start exploring the site. 2 good key words that provide direction are contemplation and monastic.