Dealing with Distractions

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Dealing with Distractions

A common problem that newcomers to contemplation face is the large number of internal distractions that occur in Silence and SolitudeAfter silencing the exterior world, the internal world becomes very noisy.

The main problem is that we want, and expect, to gain a sense of silence that feels like productive prayer. But most people are not able to sense God in silence and solitude because they think that their internal noise is blocking them from hearing God.

Actually, any time someone steps away to seek God they have already entered a Holy Space. God is present, and connected, but they can’t sense it. So, the first thing that you have to do is ask yourself if you believe God is present. Many times a person will have to decide to continue contemplative prayer based on faith. That is, a person will have to eventually say to God something like this: “I believe you are present because I have come to Jesus and he said that he will allow me to come to your throne of grace.”

Thus a person can persist in seeking even without an immediate sense of God. With time, and with continued meditation on the Word of God, their faith grows and they begin to realize that God is present. Transformation occurs over time too. Their lives begin to improve. Each person is different; this is personal relationship and as such each person is given the degree of manifest presence that they need.

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