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Ignatian meditation

A Version of Ignatian Scripture Meditation:

This centuries old practice of scripture meditation involves a childlike use of the imagination, guided by, and in cooperation with, God’s Spirit.

1. Find a quiet place to pray.

2. Relax inwardly. Relax into God’s presence, letting the worries and concerns of today slip away for a while. Take a moment to greet the Lord. Ask God to give you the grace to see and experience what God desires for you.

4. Slowly read a passage from scripture. Get a sense of its geography and flow. Is there something that stands out to you, something that is touching your heart, something enlivening or confusing or intriguing or scary or encouraging?

5. Read it again.

6. Now use your imagination. Be like a child: place yourself in the scene. Are you a main character? A spectator? Think about the following: a). What are you wearing? b). What do you see? Can you feel the ground beneath your feet? Is there a breeze? Are you inside or outside? Cloudy or sunny? What time of day? Any strong odors? What can you hear? How many voices at once? Who is speaking? c). What is going on right around you? Or a little farther away? d). Who else is there? Do you recognize those around you?

7. Surrender to the story. Interact with your surrounding, allow yourself to be guided by the Spirit as you speak and engage with others.

8. Do not try to control the prayer. Surrender! Let the Spirit guide you.

9. How are you feeling? Is your “heart on fire?”

10. As you bring your meditation to a close, take a few minutes to speak to God about your thoughts and feelings.