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Knowing God is a vast topic, and in many ways our entire spiritual walk can be said to fall under the heading of Knowing God. The Bible teaches us about God, and this objective knowledge is part of knowing God. Likewise, we have personal subjective, experiential knowledge of Him that is beyond words. These experiences cause us to respond in ways, such as worship, awe or peace, that are beyond thought. This subjective knowledge is also part of knowing God. Therefore, the entire Monkipedia site is, in one way, be a discussion of Knowing God.


Nevertheless, the interior knowing of God deserves its own section in this encyclopedia and will therefore be addressed through a series of terms and phrases which attempt to explain some of the most sublime and mysterious aspects of our relationship with God; states that are available in Jesus through the indwelling Spirit.


The basic premise of New Day Monks is that the ancient practices of contemplation and monastic disciplines can be added to the reformation-based practices of the new birth experience, Bible study and pulpit teaching, with a resultant improvement in a person’s walk with God. One of the main benefits of contemplation and monastic practice is the ability to know God inwardly in a personal and life transforming way. Of course, this benefit would also accrue in a Roman Catholic or Orthodox Christian who had not previously practiced the ancient traditions of their own faith just as much as the Protestant Christian who also never practiced ancient traditions.


In general, it can be said that we come to know God inwardly through prayer. Of course, in actuality God reveals Himself to us inwardly as we seek Him, and this revelation depends on more than just our engaging in prayer. For example, if we do not obey God in what we already know we will not be able to progress much in gaining further knowledge of Him. Likewise, if we neglect community, study, worship or service, we will hinder our prayers. The character of Christ and a love of His people will release the ability to know God and if coupled with prayer produces great interior growth. “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

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