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If you do a simple word search in a concordance or on-line Bible using the word “seek” you will find an enormous number of references to seeking God. “Seek and you will find” is a foundational Bible promise.


But what if we don’t seek? Will we find? To rely on His kindness and grace and ignore His wisdom and directions is foolish. Many Christians are retarded in their spiritual development because they do not seek.


Notice that seeking God goes beyond moral obedience. It goes beyond serving the poor. It goes beyond forgiveness and loving others. We are told to seek our God even though He lives within us.


We must seek God because He is hiding. He could easily reveal Himself to us without our doing anything. Why do we have a role in finding Him? Even though we have the indwelling Spirit, we must seek Him.


One aspect of contemplation is seeking. Waiting on God is not completely passive; it also involves our looking and searching. When we cannot initially find God we must continue our search. “Without faith it is impossible to please God, because those that come to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.”


We are told to love the Lord our God with our whole mind, heart and strength. We must seek Him like this also. This is a lifelong task that requires that we give up everything in order to find Him. Finding God is not finished at conversion, it has only begun. We must cast down our Idols, cut off our hand if it offends us, cry out with our whole heart, seek first the kingdom and use every resource we have to seek God. We will find Him when we look with our whole heart. We will find Him on judgment day, better to find Him now.



There are as many ways to seek God as there are people. Any one of us seeks God in a variety of fashions. We can study the Bible, search out teachers who speak for God, fellowship with other believers, look for Him in other humans around us, commune with nature, listen to our heart, analyze our problems, serve the poor, talk to children, etc. A desire to find God, when coupled with any experience can be a form of seeking God.


One of the best ways to seek God is though contemplation. Thus inner prayer, conducted in inner silence has been found throughout history to be a fruitful way to seek God.