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To suffer means to experience pain. All humans suffer, but there is a great variation in the amount of suffering experienced. Ordinary life carries with it some suffering, since life is not perfect and Utopian and immortal. Even though normal life carries with it some suffering, the term will be restricted here to experiences of pain that are more than mere existential pain.


Even with a restricted definition, suffering is still an immense topic. This page you are reading now will only serve to sketch the features common to all forms of suffering and to introduce terms that will allow the monkipedia format to lead a person through a discussion of the topic. The terms that are used to unpack this topic into bite-sized pieces are for the most part invented terms or phrases that modify the root term “suffering.” For example, suffering that ultimately brings destruction and death to a person would be discussed under the heading destructive suffering, whereas suffering that ultimately brings blessing and life will be called redemptive suffering.


The origin of suffering on earth is sin. There is no suffering in heaven. The revelation of God is that mankind was created in a perfect state but “fell” through Satan’s deception into a state that produces suffering. This took several forms. First, there were curses placed on men and women, and life was now going to be difficult. There would be death, sickness and parasites. Second, humans now had a part of themselves, the dominant part in fact, that hated God and tended to evil. This sin nature comprises what we usually mean by the term “human nature.” Thus life on earth would be marked by selfishness, greed, war, dishonesty, murder, etc. Third, Satan now had authority over humans and would run the world. This “prince of the world” would and does bring destruction as often as he can. Fourth, God would judge sin, and this judgment would causes suffering, sometimes as punishment and sometimes as chastening.


Suffering is a temporary condition. The world will not always be ruled by Satan and sin, and suffering will end when these forces are removed. There is no suffering in heaven. Furthermore, God said even on this earth He would equip willing humans with the tools to endure suffering and that He would turn evil to good. He will rescue from suffering, comfort in suffering and produce virtue and beauty through suffering. Furthermore, He will reward in the next life those that suffer in this life.


So, cycle through the monkipedia system to follow the expansion and progression of these concepts.