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In spiritual usage the term “visitations” refers to experiences from God that are tangible, manifest and personal.

Of course, these are very difficult to explain or describe because they are so different from normal experience that you could accurately say that they are “other worldly”.

Usually these come as a surprise, even though they may follow a season of seeking God.

Since it is God visiting the nature of the experience is pleasant, although perhaps frightening. Peace and beauty mark these visits.

These visits often are followed by a permanent improvement in a person’s ongoing daily walk with Jesus.

Monastic practice and Pentecostal/Charismatic practice both share a tradition of people who report having these visitations.

The satisfying nature of these visits can lead to a sort of “addictive nature” consequence, where the person who has these experiences wants more of them. This can sidetrack a contemplative and hinder their progress in seeking union with God. Similarly, many sincere Charismatic Evangelical Christians have become “conference junkies” and have lost sight of the true goal of serving God.