A Brief Discussion of Inner Healing by BT

An Expanded Discussion of Inner Healing by BT

Asceticism: An Essential but Neglected Element
in the Christian Theory of the Moral Life
by Dallas Willard

Becoming an Urban Monk: A Personal Integrative Experience by Joe Colletti, PhD

Christian Mindfulness by Ernest E. Larken

Dark Night: Being Repatterned By God by Sandra Cronk

Dealing With Sin by T.M. Moore

Del Verbum. Second Vatican Counsel Document by Pope Paul VI

Essentials of the Christian Faith: Part I by Robert Tarr

Finding God Personally by David Stark (audio)

Free Will, Election, Universalism and Eternity by Kristen Deore

Grace Gone Bad by Robert Tarr

Heads Satan Wins, Tails You Lose: Why the Concept of Sin is Important by Robert Tarr

The Achilles Heel of the Evangelical Church by Robert Tarr

The Ancient Way, A Third Order Rule for Evangelicals by Eric Miller

The Emptiness of Death by Michael Kenney

The Faith of Abraham by Kristen Deore

The Final Judgment by Kristen Deore

The Ladder of Monks by Guigo II

The Lament by Sister Dominga Moore

The Scriptural Basis For The Dark Night by New Day Monks Editorial Staff

The Spiritual Practice of Passionate Love Prayers by Joe Colletti, PhD

Spiritual Formation by Eric Miller

Spiritual Formation: What it is, and How it is Done by Dallas Willard




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